Should I use drain cleaner in my blocked sink?

Drain cleanerIf you have a blocked sink or toilet, it is always tempting to go to your local shop, pick out the most powerful drain cleaner you can find, and throw it down the affected plug hole.

This is extremely risky and can be dangerous. Firstly, powerful drain cleaners are made of sulphuric acid and can actually destroy the drain itself. We often find waste systems warped and with holes because the customer decided to use an acid based drain cleaner.

Secondly, the fumes given off by these drain cleaners are extremely powerful and harmful. Chemicals like sulphuric acid react with other chemical such as bleach and bathroom cleaner. Mixing them can create a chemical reaction that can kill. If you have a blocked sink, you should immediately call a plumber who will be able to explore the problem and safely remedy the situation. Do not take unnecessary risks. Contact us today to fix the problem safely and quickly.