What is a combination boiler?

A Combination BoilerA combination boiler differs from a standard boiler in that it heats the water (directly from the main supply) that goes to your hot water outlets only when they are turned on, thus saving energy and money.

A standard hot water system uses several elements that a mains fed system does not, such as a cold water storage cistern and a hot water cylinder. In a traditional system, the boiler heats a coil within the cylinder, which then in turn, heats the water around it inside the cylinder. This water is then stored for use and reheated when it drops below a certain temperature.

A combination boiler does not need any of these things. The water is heated as it passes through the boiler and goes directly to your hot water outlets. This can be excellent for smaller properties where a large supply of constant hot water is not required. There is also the benefit of mains pressure water, which you would not get from a traditional system unless you used a shower pump. There can however also be disadvantages to this type of system depending on the size of the property and the amount of people using the hot water.

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