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power flush machinePower flushing a central heating system

Sometimes, there will a a blockage in your central heating pipes that just can't be moved. In extreme cases this can mean cutting out the pipework and replacing it which can become costly and time-consuming. Power flushing is a powerful preventative measure that should be carried out on your central system regularly to stop blockages before they develop and to prolong the life of your system.

What is power flushing?

Power flushing removes sludge and limescale build-up from your central heating pipework by forcing water through the pipes at high speed in conjuntion with special cleaning chemicals that can only be used in conjunction with the power flushing process. It is essentially a high velocity cleaning of your central heating system. The chemicals used will not cause any damage to your system as we thoroughly rinse the system through after the power flush to remove all traces.


Check out this video from Worcester Bosch and see how power flushing can help keep your central heating system in good condition.


A central heating powerflush has lots of beneficial results

  • Power flushing leaves your system like new
  • Helps lower gas bills and everyday running costs
  • Can be completed within an afternoon
  • We will make sure your system is sludge free before we finish

How do I know if my central heating system needs power flushing?

  • Your radiators may be cold in places or not functioning correctly
  • Your boiler may keep malfunctioning
  • The temperature in your radiators may fluctuate
  • It may take a long time for everything to heat up

What can I do after the power flush to prevent sludge build-up?

If you would like to prevent any further sludge or dirt in your system, we can install a MagnaClean filter for you so that the need for poweflushing will be reduced in the future.

So make sure you choose Allserve for a power flush today. Read some of our customer testimonials to find out why we are the company of choice for the London and Hertfordshire areas. email us at or call us on 01923 254173 to arrange a quote.

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As of April 2009 CORGI has been replaced by the Gas Safe Register.